A Ticket out of Poverty

Meet Jovie. She is one of CHAI’s community youth volunteers in Tabaco City, Albay. An Education major student, she spends her weekends teaching kids from the poor communities about the Christian values through the Bible, as part of the Values Formation program of CHAI. Jovie herself is part of the poor community. We are helping her finish her degree through CHAI’s Study Now Pay Later program.
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Race Towards a Better Future

“Aaaaaaa….mmm…sss….”; this is how a typical summer day in the CHAI HOPE Center in Los Banos, Laguna is like. Children from a nearby poor community go to the Center every eight o’clock in the morning to learn how to read. Volunteer Community Teachers, Angie, Neil and Ramon implement the Reading and Comprehension Enhancement (RACE) through the Instant Reader program of ReadRight, Inc. As part of ReadRight Inc.’s give back program they have selected CHAI to bring an effective reading program to the poor children who cannot afford to avail of the special program. In 20 days the children are able to read and develop love for learning all the more.

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