A Ticket out of Poverty

Meet Jovie. She is one of CHAI’s community youth volunteers in Tabaco City, Albay. An Education major student, she spends her weekends teaching kids from the poor communities about the Christian values through the Bible, as part of the Values Formation program of CHAI. Jovie herself is part of the poor community. We are helping her finish her degree through CHAI’s Study Now Pay Later program.
Like many Filipinos, she and her family believe that finishing a degree is their ticket out of poverty. It can give them leverage for employment and a better shot at a steady income. Among poor communities, parents have expressed much difficulty in enabling their children finish college.

We have found out that often students drop out from their universities/ colleges on third year because their parents can no longer financially provide. The Study Now Pay Later program is a sustainable program enabling other students to benefit from the program through the repayment of the initial batch of students who benefited from it.