Race Towards a Better Future

“Aaaaaaa….mmm…sss….”; this is how a typical summer day in the CHAI HOPE Center in Los Banos, Laguna is like. Children from a nearby poor community go to the Center every eight o’clock in the morning to learn how to read. Volunteer Community Teachers, Angie, Neil and Ramon implement the Reading and Comprehension Enhancement (RACE) through the Instant Reader program of ReadRight, Inc. As part of ReadRight Inc.’s give back program they have selected CHAI to bring an effective reading program to the poor children who cannot afford to avail of the special program. In 20 days the children are able to read and develop love for learning all the more.

CHAI recognizes that reading is a skill very much necessary for everyday living. Though, it is taught at early stages in schools across the country, it remains true that students, especially among poor communities are struggling with reading and most importantly comprehension. Among the 12 communities where CHAI operates, we have observed both elementary and high school students who attend weekly tutorials and values formation activities find reading, especially comprehension difficult.

We have asked some teachers and an education expert and confirmed that the lack of reading and comprehension is a pressing concern among Filipino students because it does not only hamper learning in the English subject but all subjects are affected. A proof of this is when students are given purely numerical math problems they can easily answer them, but when given word problems they usually get the wrong answers. Addressing this problem through RaCE is deemed not only to improve their skills but also increase their chances to be employed in the future.

CHAI’s experience of empowering the poor has been encouraging and challenging. Without our partners, we could not have opened avenues for the poor to realize their potentials.

We thank you for your partnership and support.