Community Hope Alternatives, Inc. (CHAI) is a non stock, non- profit organization that assists poor Filipinos by bringing various opportunities that can help them improve their living conditions. Established in January 2008, it has targeted poverty issues including access to good quality education, livelihood, improved health and nutrition, and responsible harnessing and utilization of natural resources.

Its humble beginnings can be traced in a small garage of the current Board of Trustees Chairman, Engr. Wenceslao Dela Viña where he started providing healthy snacks to the kids who come from a community of informal settlers. It was from there that the weekly supplemental feeding began, which also paved way for the weekly tutorial of preschool and elementary children. It has partnered with the University of the Philippines, Los Baños, Pahinungod to teach children and help them with their various academic requirements.

CHAI greatly believes in empowering the people through capacity building for a more sustainable development and values the ideas and concerns of all stakeholders. It believes in character development as a significant tool in bringing forth justice, equality, and transparency among communities effecting improvement of the quality of life.

Board of Directors

Wenceslao Dela Vina
Wenceslao is the founder of CHAI, and is instrumental to its day-to-day operations. He started and continues his work with nonprofits as a staff member of The Navigators Philippines since 1986. He graduated from The University of the Philippines, Los Baños with a Bachelors of Science in Agricultural Engineering (1978) and a Masters of Science in Agricultural Engineering (1984). Wenceslao dreams of helping people become empowered and to help themselves be responsible for their lives. He is inspired when he sees people transforming into what God created them to be. One of his heroes is Mother Teresa and all of the compassionate work she did during her life. During his free time he loves to spend time with his family, specifically his children and grandchildren. Wenceslao is in many ways the heartbeat of CHAI, and not only by his contributions to the Board but also to the daily tasks are vitally important.
Mabini Arevalo, Jr. “Jun”
Board Member
Jun has been a part of the CHAI family since it started in 2008. He is currently working as a consultant at the Environmental Management Bureau.

Gregory Flores Serrano
Board Member
Gregory is a compassionate and thoughtful person, yet also a great details man. He is the owner of his own business, Greserr Contractors & Builders, Inc., which he uses to glorify God as an outreach to his employees. He attended U.E. where he received a Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering (1985). He joined the CHAI Board of Directors in 2012, but started working with nonprofits a few years earlier when he became a member of Center for Community Transformation. Gregory is a hard worker but also enjoys his time with family and being active. He relaxes while reading and drinking coffee, or after a good round of badminton. One of his heroes is Nehemiah, because of his role as the wall builder. Gregory is inspired by Jesus’ love for us, and largely because of that he felt the call to help the less fortunate. His business experience and passion for bringing God’s Word to the lost make Gregory a great asset to the CHAI Board of Directors.

Gerald Cezar Quelapio
Board Member
Gerald joined our CHAI Board of Directors in 2012, but his involvement in non-profits started back when he was still at University. He received his Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering (1985) from The University of the Philippines, Diliman Campus. Gerald graduated Magna Cum Laude, and received first place in his Mechanical Engineering Boards (1987). He became involved in non-profit work because he felt that it was his responsibility to share in the Great Commission. He is currently working for Philippines Batteries, INC., however, when he is not working or volunteering he loves spend time with his family and take vacations. He is inspired when he sees God answer prayers and upholds righteousness. His heroes are Abraham (Genesis) and his Father. He is also an extremely personable man, which allows his co-workers to seek his advice when they have difficult question. All of these attributes and more are what make Gerald an invaluable resource during his time spent with CHAI.

Maria Mercedes “Ched” Arzadon
Board Member
Ernesto S. Guiang
Board Member
Dr. Ernesto S. Guiang is a strong believer in having a teamwork approach to planning and implementing complex development projects. He has been trained in forest ecology, forestry economics and business management. Dr. Ernesto started with CHAI during its inception in 2008, but his interest in non-profit work dates back to his college days. His desire for working with the poor is stemmed from his concern for the vulnerable and has a desire to help them get a started on their climb out of poverty by helping them access various assets—financial, human, social, and physical. His inspiration comes from his desire to be an instrument of God in the lives of others, helping them grow in their faith and contribute to society. His tries to live out the example set by Jesus, who himself showed a concern for the poor (Matthew 25:40). He also looks up to other Christian development workers who are also committed to improving the lives of the vulnerable. When he is not working or serving others Ernesto likes to read books, fix old cars, or travel. He is a great strategist and will sometimes passionately combat socio-political, economic, and environmental issues.

Stephen T. Tan
Board Member
Stephen is one of those people who can start a conversation with anyone as soon as they walk in the door. A natural sales man who believes in what he is doing. He attended The University of the Philippines, Diliman Campus, while receiving a Bachelors of Science in Mechanical Engineering (1985), and a Masters of Technology Management (2006). Stephen is also a natural entrepreneur. He has started three businesses, Smiley Mart, Pinoy Fries, and his newest venture is Stevia Wonder. Stephen started working with CHAI in January 2008 during its original conception and has been a part of the Board of Directors ever since. His natural enthusiasm is irreplaceable, and his years of business experience bring a lot to his contribution on the Board.